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Table 1 APT spectral data and their assignments for the glycoside G1 from the flowers of C. viscosa

From: An anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial flavone glycoside from flowers of Cleome viscosa

Chemical shift of carbon atoms (δ, ppm) Type of APT spectra (Up or down) Type of carbon atoms Assignments
156.0 Up Quaternarya C-2
133.7 Up Quaternary C-3
177.1 Up Quaternary C-4
160.9 Up Quaternary C-5
98.4 Down CH C-6
163.8 Up Quaternary C-7
93.3 Down CH C-8
156.1 Up Quaternary C-9
103.8 Up Quaternary C-10
121.3 Up Quaternary C-1′
115.0 Down CH C-2′
144.5 Up Quaternary C-3′
148.2 Up Quaternary C-4′
116.3 Down CH C-5′
121.32 Down CH C-6′
100.1 Down CH C-1′′
76.4 Down CH C-2′′
73.9 Down CH C-3′′
69.9 Down CH C-4′′
77.4 Down CH C-5′′
61.0 Up CH2 C-6′′
171.1 Up Quaternary Carbonyl group
21.8 Down CH Methyl group
  1. aQuaternary, carbon with no hydrogen.