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Table 1 Optimization of reaction condition for the C-S cross-coupling using CuO@ARF a

From: An efficient heterogeneous catalyst (CuO@ARF) for on-water C-S coupling reaction: an application to the synthesis of phenothiazine structural scaffold

Entry Solvent Base Additive Temperature/time Yield (%)b,c
1 Water K2CO3 - 100°C/24 h 62
2d Water K2CO3 TBAB 100°C/8 h 83
3 e Water K 2 CO 3 SDS 100°C/8 h 90
4e Water K2CO3 SDS RT/24 h 00
5e Water K2CO3 SDS 60°C/24 h 68
6e Water - SDS 100°C/24 h 56
7 DMF K2CO3 - 100°C/24 h 67
  1. a4-Iodoanisole (1 mmol), benzenethiol (1.2 mmol), CuO@ARF (200 mg), K2CO3 (1.1 mmol), and solvent (3 mL). bIsolated yield. cSmall quantity of diphenyl disulfide was formed (≤5%). dTBAB (1 eqv) was used. eSDS (10 mol%) was used.